Lord Forgive Me.
Im 19 from Houston Texas
My life is a movie.
Im an Educated Hood nigga
I smoke weed, I drink, I party.
I love, I laugh, But never cry.
I believe everything is in your control.
Mind Over Matter.
Im a good intelligent person who doesn't give a fuck.
Me and The Crew Run wild.
Tumblr is just a place where i come to look at beautiful women and cool shit. and every now and then express how i feel.
oh and I'm a Mac. not a pc.
ps.. i was high af when i wrote this ^.^


"NO, HUMAN! I KEES YOU FIRST." -smooch, slap slap slap-

That cat has a majestic mustache.
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Flowee Maxi Skirt (available at Outfit Made)

Flowee Maxi Skirt (available at Outfit Made)



Shaq doing Windmills

no one man can have all that power

Shaq is a Titan. He is above us in every possible way.

My motto
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